Please sign the guest book and post a comment or message so others can reply to you.   If you want to add any photos to the photo collage page, please email in JPEG format with a title and date to Dave Ojima.  A classmate bio and photo web page allows you to post your bio and recent photo.  It shows all the photos in the graduation yearbook plus current photos.  Please submit a bio & current photo so classmates can see what you have been doing since graduation and what you look like now.  You can always change and update your bio or photo at any time by resubmitting.
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Located in Kitsap County, Port Orchard, Washington. 
This web site is for anyone who attended South Kitsap High School in the graduating class of 1960.
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Pleasant Valley
2001 Picnic
 & Dinner
The 2019 classmates of the 60's picnic was held on Saturday, July 20 at Jarstad Park from 1100-1700.   Click here to go to the South Kitsap Sixties Picnic website for details.  The SK Sixties web site has links to view picnic photos from previous years.  You can also view selected picnic photos of our classmates on our Annual 60's Picnics web page. Thanks to all those who attended past picnics to represent our class of 1960!
Annual 60's
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Orchard Heights 
55th Reunion
Photo Collage
Old Photos
Based on suggestions to hold get-togethers more often than every 5 years, we had our first informal casual get-together at the Airport Diner on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 .  We had 35 classmates and a total of 45 attending.  We held our 2nd annual get-together on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at the Airport Diner and had 29 classmates and a total of 39 attending.  Our 3rd get-together was held on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at the Airport Diner and we had 36 classmates and a total of 45 attending.  Our 4th get-together was held on August 14, 2019 and we had 31 classmates and 39 total attending.  Go to the Get-Together link to the left to view the photos.  Liz Root Corliss-Wilkins was the organizer for all 4 get-togethers.  All the committee members called classmates and Judy Ross Swanson & Gloria Tharp White made photo name tags.  We used saved funds from past reunions to pay all the tips and pay for cake & coffee.  Due to the Airport Diner closing in 2020, we have reserved a room at McCormick Woods on August 12, 2020 for our 60th reunion.  Details will be sent later.  Mark this day on your 2020 calendar and plan to attend or big 60th!
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Marcus Whitman
Past Reunions
East Port Orchard