June 23, 2015 Update:

Retired in 1992 – Bremerton Fire Chief

Married 53 years – met Gladys as juniors. She is a 1960 graduate of West High Bremerton

Children: 3

Grandchildren: 3

Great Grandchildren: 4 with one more on the way.

June 2010:

Name: Chet Meigs
Email address: none
Spouses name: Gladys
Years married: in December will be 48 years
Number of Children: 3
Number of Grandchildren: 3 (plus 3 great grandchildren)
Career/Work Info: worked for Bremerton Fire Department from 1967 to 1992.
Company or Business name:
Notable Achievements: Wife Gladys graduated from West Bremerton HS in 1960.
Your status now: Retired 18 years, kind of like it that way.
Future plans:
Todays date: June 2010
Comments or information: Really enjoy old people so I wouldn't miss this reunion!