May 14, 2015:

Name: Liz Root Corliss-Clark
Email address:
Partners name: Paul Wilkins
Years together: 3
Number of Children: 2
Number of Grandchildren: 2
Number of Great-Grandchildren:
Career/Work Info: Retired educator
Company or Business name:
Notable Achievements:
Your status now: Loving being my own time manager: serving in my community, church, and family. Traveling here there and everywhere.
Future plans: Lord willing to continue being healthy, traveling and serving where I am needed.
Todays date: May 2015
Comments or information: Looking forward to attending the class reunion....

March 10, 2010:

Name: Liz Corliss-Clark
Spouses name: n/a
Years married:
Number of Children: 2 sons, Oldest son Bryan and wife Roopa in Seattle, youngest son Aaron, wife Cara of Belfair
Number of Grandchildren: 1 wonderful granddaughter Samantha 11 of Belfair
Education: Life long learner
Career/Work Info: 32 years with North Mason School District public relations, para educator with Autistic Students
Company or Business name:
Notable Achievements: Raised 2 wonderful sons, educated challenged students,contributed to my church, community, country, and to our world in positive ways
Your status now: I am single, retired, and loving the opportunity to be my own person. Enjoying volunteering in my granddaughters classroom teaching reading, and taking her on mini vacations: Very involved in the welfare of less fortunate students in my community. Traveling in the US and a broad, going on mission trips, and doing volunteer vacations in foreign countries. Just returned from a three and half week stay in Chennai, India
Future plans Lord willing: sharing time and special events with my son's and there families, a great summer here at our cabin on Hood Canal, and in my yard, and garden: fall in Palm Springs: Janurary in Ghana teaching English to children.
Todays date: March 5th, 2010
Comments or information:
Looking foreword to the class reunion, see you there.