Name: Beverly Bye Bickle-Tewell
Email address: Spouses name:none
Years married: Once upon a time and That was No fairy tale
Number of Children: 3---Kristine Fields-Vanc.Wa. Bob Tewell-Woodburn Or. Karla Tewell-Loy-1961-2008-Bend,Or.She is so loved and missed.
Number of Grandchildren: 6--ages-12-24--4 grandgirls and 2 grandboys
Education: Never over!!
Career/Work Info: Career??--More like jobs mostly retail--retiring from JCPenney Custom Decorating Dept.
Company or Business name:
Notable Achievements: Stayed with one job long enough to get retirement and not get fired--Amazing!!
Your status now: Retired in this beautiful high desert country of Oregon
Future plans: Reading--Arm chair traveling--sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee in the sun--looking forward to see what the grandkids do with their lives--spending time with friends and family.
Todays date: 5/25/10
Comments or information:
I so enjoyed the 45th and hope to go to the 50th!!