Email address:
Spouses name: OLGA
Years married: 10
Number of Children: ANASTASIYA (Professional Model)
Number of Grandchildren: DACIAN & boy due in Oct
Number of Great-Grandchildren:
Education: ATA
Career/Work Info: Electronics Crypto Tech, Radar & Communications Tech
Company or Business name: USASA, ITT (DEWline) USAF
Notable Achievements: World traveler, pilot, scuba diver
Your status now: Semi-retired
Future plans: more travel
Todays date: 7/21/2010
Comments or information:
My life following SKHS & College has been an adventure beyond one's 
dream. I joined the US Army Security Agency for four years and was able 
to travel to many foreign countries, 33 in all. I lived for three years 
in Asmara, Eritrea. Traveled extensively throughout Africa, the 
Middleast & Europe. After I got out of the Army, I was able to take my 
time returning home traveling throughout Europe. I knew that in later 
years that I might not be able to do this, so I took the time and 
opportunity to travel everywhere possible. My experiences included 
visits in Kenya and Tanzania on safaris to scuba diving in the Red Sea 
and Aegean. Some of my adventures have taken me from seaports of 
Mombasa, Massawa to Piraeus. I have explored Axum, Ethiopia in search 
of the Ark of the Covenant, to the lost of city of Petra in Jordan, and 
to where Helios once stood on the island of Rhodes. Europass railway opened the 
way to many historic cities and various cultures while traveling 
throughout Europe to Scandanavia, the United Kingdom and Scotland. After I 
returned home from Scotland, I took on another adventure that employed me 
working in the Arctic on the DEWline (Distant Early Warning) for the USAF. 
I spent nineteen years working at many remote sites in the Arctic from 
Iceland, Greenland, Baffin Island, NWT of Canada to the North Slope of Alaska. 
I moved home to the Bremerton area in 1990 and later returned to Europe in 
early 2000, where I met my future wife Olga and her daughter in Kiev, Ukraine. 
We married in December, and now make our home here on Kitsap Lake in Bremerton 
with four cats. We've occasionally returned to Kiev and spent our vacation 
exploring the Crimean Penninsula from Sevastopol to Yalta and Balaklava 
on the Black Sea.