Name: Ken Ferguson
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Spouses name: Faye
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Career/Work Info: PSNS
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Todays date: July 2010
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Ken's chronology:
1960: high school graduation
1960-1962: military (Navy sonarman)
1962-1966: explored & tried to find my niche in the world in CA & WA
1966-1970: PSNS apprentice shipfitter
1968: married Peggy Isler of E. Bremerton
1969: sired a son, David
1970-1986: PSNS employee as shipfitter
1986: divorced
1987: remarried to Faye Lisa of Port Orchard & inherited 3 children: Lena, Tisa & Berlin
1988-1991: Naples Italy (worked as a marine surveyor on American ships in ports of Naples & Gaeta Italy; La Magdalegna Sardenia; Malaga Spain; Loulon, Nice & 
Villafranca France; Catonia Sicily; Haifa Israel; United Immirates Bahrain; Alexandria Egypt & Corsica.
1991-1993:  Returned to U.S. - resided at Sequim WA & continued to work at PSNS as planner & estimator (code 231) until retirement in April 1993.
1993-1994: Being on full retirement status we moved to Newport WA & started to remodel our waterfront lake cabin on Darvis Lake.  During the year long project, 
we managed to put in the septic system & a beautiful bathroom.  In addition, purchased a floating dock.
1994-2001: Tired of remodeling, I decided to take a break & pursued a childhood dream -- that of being a trucker.  I enrolled in a truck driving school in Spokane & 
upon graduation got my CBL and went long-haul trucking throughout the continent for 7 years.  I've seen all but 2 (Vermont & Alsaka) of the 50 states.  Lived in Eastern 
WA for 9 years.
2001-2003: Quit long-haul trucking & was hired by Todd Shipyard in Seattle.  I was part of Todd's management team for a couple years.  Terminated in Dec. 2003 & 
returned to full retirement status (2nd time). Our residence was at Kelsey CT, Port Orchard.
Feb. 2004: Took a 3 month retirement trip to Guam; the northern Marianas Islands of Rota, Saipan & Tinian and to Cairns, Australia.
Sept. 2004: Made preparations for daughter Lina's wedding (later being a few thousand poorer) held at Cedar Springs in Port Orchard.
2005-2006: Moved to Gable Ave -  did remodeling, built storage sheds, erected a 3 car carport & RV cover; surveyed & fenced in lot with white vinyl fences.
July 2006: Son Tisa's wedding held at the Rose Gardens at Point Defiance in Tacoma.
Oct. 2006: Drove a U-Haul truck for a family moving to Moreno Valley, CA
2006-2009: Continued remodeling project at Gable Ave.
April 2009: Took an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas, NV courtesy of our son, Tisa & family - gambling money included.  It was for 3-nights 4-days.
July 2009: Richland, WA - met Faye's stepdaughter & grandson & her new husband.  They are from Missoula, MT, but were on a church convention.  In addition spent a 
week with my aunt -  helped her set up her washer & dryer at her cabin at Deer Lake.
Dec. 2009: For Xmas presents, our youngest son, Berlin gave us round-trip tickets to Kings Bay, GA (Berlin - Chief in U.S. Coast Guard & stationed at Kings Bay).  
Berlin showed us the 1st house he bought; took us on a tour to Savannah GA & ate at the Paula Dean's multi-story restaurant; a tour of the Okerfeenokee Swamp in Waycross 
GA. In addition, toured Florida - Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tampa, Clearwater, Kennedy Sace Center & The Villages Retirment Community.  We spent Christmas & 
New Year's with our son.  In addition, he took us to Rock Hill SC to visit Faye's youngest sister & family.  It was awesome & had a really great time while it lasted.
Jan. 2010: Retuned from our month and a half trip to GA.
March 2010: Took cross-country trip to Oregon; California (visited relatives); Arizona (visited Faye's godmother in Mesa - relatives in Tucson & toured Tombstone); 
New Mexico; Texas; LA (saw remnants of Katrina); Mississippi; Alabama; Florida (went fishing on the Gulf (before the oil spill) with relatives & caught 27 Spanish Mackerels); 
Georgia (attended Berlin's 1st communion & confirmation on Easter Sunday in the Catholic Faith); S. Carolina -  visited Faye's sister & family; N. Carolina -  visited 
Faye's nephew & family; Virginia -  visited relatives & attended 1st communion of a nephew.  Maryland; Delaware -  visited relatives & they took us to see VP 
Biden's famly estates; New Jersey -  visited relatives & Faye's 1st husband's grave - went golfing with relatives; W. Virginia; Kentucky -  visited Faye's cousin & family; 
Tennesee - visited Faye's relatives & they took us to Nashville to see the aftermath of floods; Illinois -  visited another of Faye's relatives; Missouri - toured Gateway 
Arch; Kansas; Iowa - visited Council Bluffs casino & Faye won $500; Nebraska -  visited Faye's uncle in a nursing home; South Dakota - toured Rapid City's Mt. 
Rushmore, Sturgis & Deadwood; Wyoming; Montana -  greeted with pouring rain, lightning, thunder & 39 degree cold weather after going thru 70-90 degree sunny weather
 throughout trip. Faye's stepdaughter & husband took is out for breakfast in Missoula; Idaho -  visited with friends from Sandpoint & were taken out to dinner; Washington -  
visited Ken's parent's graves & relatives on the Pend Oreille River.
June 2010: Home at last! Gone for 81 days; went through 29 states & drove 10,000 miles.