Name:Ritannette 'Rita' Cooper
Spouses name: divorced. Divorced; Uncoupled (7 yr live in)
Years married: 27 just took me three guys!
Number of Children: 5 (adopted and foster)
Number of Grandchildren: 2
Number of Great-Grandchildren1:
Education: UW Business. Architect, English
Career/Work Info: Lectured/HR U of W, HE director/ VP for Business The Evergreen St College. Lobbyist; Asst Director Business Development, Cross state prograns, Technology, financial and Administrative services Washington State Parks & Rec
Company or Business name:
Notable Achievements: helped all foster children and nephew attended college
Your status now: retired, volunteer community Advocate, traveler
Future plans: health and Travel
Today's date:Oct 1. 2012
Comments or information: I've lived a charmed life:
Privileges and luck: to grow up in PO, go to SK; to have traveled to 23 countries, lived a year in Denmark and A year in Japan (my Danish and Japanese are gone--wah); to meet several Presidents.

I've never gone/come to a reunion but my memories are all good I send my best thoughts for good health